The glow of the Kyokushin Kei team in Serbia


The National Kyokushin of the Islamic Republic of Iran, led by Mr. Seyyed Davood Mohammadi, the representative of the World Organization and Kyokushin Karate Director of Iran, arrived in Belgrade on Wednesday, October 4th, to attend the International Championship of Serbia and was welcomed by Mehdi Shirazi, the Cultural Adviser of Iran.

Shirazi hoped for success at the international competitions in Belgrade.

The Belgrade International Martial Arts Competition was held with the participation of athletes from Serbia, Iran, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Russia and Austria in Kyokushin Kai at the Sports Complex Shomitsa, capital of Serbia on Saturday, September 29th.

The Iranian team won two gold medals, four silver medals and two bronzes in the international tournament, in which more than 50 athletes competed in different ages from six countries.

Mr. Mohammadi, the director of Kyokushin Karate, thanked Mehdi Shirazi for his country’s cultural adviser at the tournament hall, and said his presence inspired the athlete’s spirits.

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