The Cultural Advisor of the Iranian Embassy in Serbia and the Iranian Cultural Exhibitions Institute at the 64th Belgrade Exhibition

شصت و سومین نمایشگاه بین المللی بلگراد


The 64th Belgrade International Book Fair, with the motto “The pleasure of studying”, is officially launched with the participation of literary writers, publishers and book lovers from today, Sunday, October 29th (October 21st), and interested in books and literature from the region and other The countries of the world will be present at this exhibition.
Cultural Advice of the Iranian Embassy in Serbia with more than 70 books translated into Serbian in this cultural event will introduce a corner of Persian culture and literature.
During the exhibition, cultural counseling will unveil two new Serbian-language books

Also on the sidelines of the book fair, in collaboration with the Institute of Iranian Cultural Exhibitions, will be held “Iran Day”.
Since 2002, the Belgrade exhibition has given a special attention to the honorary guest of the exhibition. In the area specifically targeted at them, publishers, writers, and culture offer themselves. So far, the guests of the exhibition have been Norway, Canada, France, Britain, the United States, Italy, Japan, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, China, Russia, Iran and the German-speaking countries. This year, Morocco will be the guest of honor. Morocco is the first Arab country to participate in the exhibition as a special guest in an area of ​​100 square meters and introduces its culture and literature and literature. The exhibition will also be held at the same time as the Education and Training and Communication Exhibition.

The exhibition is held in five halls of permanent halls of Belgrade exhibitions in an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters.

The annual visitors are over 200,000 people, the largest book fair in the Balkans and Southeastern Europe.

This year’s exhibition will be opened by Professor Mattia Vechkovich, Serbian writer.

At the press conference at the exhibition, Ms. Sonia Milch, editor of the book fair program, announced that the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Medinesko, will also be present at the ceremony.

It has also been announced by the media that more than 1000 publishers will be presenting books and other publications at the exhibition this year.

Publishers who will attend the exhibition this year include: Russian publishers, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Serbs, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, China, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, USA, Ukraine, Croatia, Montenegro, Switzerland and There will be a few more countries.

This cultural event is especially important for Belgrade, perhaps even the most important, as it brings many prominent literary figures to the Serbian capital. The importance for the region is also high, because in addition to providing a rich book at reasonable prices, this exhibition is also a place where there are numerous events such as discussions, lectures and conferences. The exhibition also allows publishers to be aware of the latest developments in the world of print as well as meet them with their counterparts and get acquainted with the most popular authors.



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