The book “Chess with Doomsday Machine” was translated and published in Serbian


Iran’s Cultural Advice in Belgrade, in collaboration with the Center for Organizing Translation and Publication of Islamic Sciences and the Humanities of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, translates one of the most prominent sacred defense novels titled “Chess with the Doomsday Machine” by Habib Ahmadzadeh into Serbian. Published.

This book is published by the translation of Alexander Draguchk from Geopoetique Publications and published in a volume of 1,000 volumes at the 56th Belgrade International Book Fair (October 21-28, 2018).

Selection of this work for translation into Serbian was carried out by late Mohsen Soleimani, a cultural advisor to our country in Serbia, and its translation and publishing stages lasted a year.

“The chess novel by resurrection car is a social philosophical work about three days of the life of a seventeen-year-old Basij in a city surrounded by Iraqis. She is an artillery man, but despite her innate desire, she is responsible for the pickup of food, and she must give food to the warriors, and give food to three of the strange people who did not leave the city. The Iraqi people are equipped with advanced Arabic radar system and he is looking for it. The radar system is the same as the upsurge that the author sought to find, referring to the three parts of the Bible of the Quran, the Gospel, and the Torah, the philosophy of human creation and his life in the hereafter, from the perspective of a teenage Basij, a prostitute of the time of the Shah and retired engineer Abadan refinery, which combines sin and innocence, simplicity and seclusion, sanctity and disbelief. Chess with the car of the doomsday has a new and innovative look at the sacred defense theme, which suggests that sacred defense has created areas for the growth of a generation. Paul Esrackman, vice president of the Middle East University Studies Center at Rutgers University, has translated the novel into English. Now the novel is taught in the Persian language and literature of some American universities. “


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