Participation in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Novei Pazar

مشیخت اسلامی نووی پازار

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Mosque of Nawi Pazar in the School of Islamic Studies of the city in the presence of Dr Hossein Kavazowicz, the President of Bosnia and Herzegovin Gavin, and a group of Imams, heads of Islamic schools and religious schools, as well as the Board The Islamic Society of Albania, delegations from the embassies of the Islamic countries in Belgrade, Yusuf Abdul Samad, the Kuwaiti ambassador, Mehdi Shirazi, the Cultural Advisor of the Iranian Parliament, the Serbian Parliamentary Assembly, the representatives of the cultural and political institutions of the Bosnians, were held. Dr. Moulood Dudich, chairman of the Muslim Consulate in Serbia, hosted the ceremony with the congregation’s imams and the heads of the affiliated institutions.

The ceremony spoke about the beginning of the Islamic Enlightenment and the challenges and benefits that the Bushniaes have brought with them.

During his speech, Dodiq stated: “The activities have been inspired by the spirit of the Islamic Shari’ah and from the very beginning they have been dealing with religious life in the region.” He added that there are 199 mosques in the Sanjay district, of which 64 are in Novi Pazar, and that there are 250 mosques in Sinjork and Serbia as well. He added that there are many mosques in charge, including the judiciary scholar Judah Isaac Bey Nezavisimpazar, which also has branches in the areas of Ruja and Preshvo. Meskheekh also has a college of Islamic studies, a university, and preschool educational facilities, and charitable foundations include endowed kitchens and school buildings. Moshik-e-e-Islami also has an information center within the framework of which the radio and television, the newspaper and the “Voice of Islam” publication. Doditch also referred to the pressures he had sustained with the Islamic Society of Bosnia in Sarajevo.

He added: “Islamic schism is not in the pursuit of politics, but it is trying to defend the unity of the invading Bosnians and endowments that compromise the interests of Muslims.”


Mohammad Zakorlych said in a statement, “The institutions that have emerged under Islamic control have sought to demonstrate the potential of the Syrian government and want to show that the region is the venue for meetings, negotiations and interactions.

He added that the political tendencies of people in the region should not be based on “either this or that”, but should be based on “both this and that”. The Islamic community symbolizes the presence and release of Muslims in the region after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and is the only institution that has been continually existing.

He went on to say: “We will do this.”

Having achieved a political position, we are seeking social and political factors for regional autonomy and independence so that San Diego can be recognized at a significant level, both within and outside the region, through dialogue and engagement.

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