Opening of the 64th Belgrade International Book Fair

International Book Fair


The 64th Belgrade International Book Fair with the slogan “Study Pleasure” has been officially opened on Sunday, October 21, and has been welcoming book enthusiasts around the region for around 8 days.

At the opening ceremony, which was attended by a number of ambassadors from different countries, the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinesko, prominent literary figures and publishers, writers, publishers and visitors, Ivan Carl delivered a speech at the Belgrade cultural affairs secretary in the beginning



“The Belgrade Book Fair is a brand for Belgrade and Serbia, as well as the most humane and most visited cultural event,” she said, announcing that the event was the biggest and most important cultural event.

The secretary of the organizing committee, Zoran Aromovich, said that the exhibition’s history dates back to 1893 when the Belgrade exhibition was held for the first time. He also noted that the honorable guest of this year’s exhibition is the Kingdom of Morocco.

The next speaker was Mohammed Amin Bellahaj, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Serbia. “The book has an important role in the life of Moroccans, and exhibitions such as Belgrade are a great opportunity to remind us of the decisive role of the book in development and the precious opportunity for Understanding the world around us and interacting with peoples and other cultures. “



He added that writers, historians, librarians, translators and outstanding artists from Morocco will be present along with a 100-meter booth built in the style of the noble Moroccan architecture.

The prominent Serbian author Matthew Bechkovic opened the 64th Belgrade International Book Fair and stated at the opening ceremony:

The Belgrade International Book Fair is the most popular book fair in the world and it is a celebration for all people, and it has a red letter on the Serbian calendar. There are also older and more famous and richer exhibitions, but in none of them is not where you come from. In other exhibitions, you will find more famous writers, larger publications and more powerful men in the field of work, but in none of them you will not see more audiences, the book exhibition without audiences is like an unbelieving church and religious people. He emphasized that the book fair reflects the intellectual capital of readers and will continue to remain despite the ever-increasing success of book technology. At the end of his speech, he stated that the book had existed from the beginning, and until the end.


Hussein Mulla Abdollahi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Serbia, and Mahdi Shirazi, cultural advisor at the embassy also attended the opening ceremony. Mulla Abdollahi met Iran’s booth before the ceremony. The Iranian Cultural Exhibitions Agency is represented on behalf of the publication of Iran and in cooperation with the Cultural Adviser of Iran, Iran, in an exhibition space of 20 square meters in exchange. The meeting was attended by Mehdi Shirazi, cultural advisor to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Serbia, and Hossein Ali Sabzeh, representative of the Iranian Cultural Exhibitions Institute, who provided explanations about Iran’s booth. The Cultural Advisor provided them with books translated into Serbian and announced cultural advisory programs during the book fair. 



The exhibition is held in five halls of permanent halls of Belgrade exhibitions in an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters.

The annual visitors are over 200,000 people, the largest book fair in the Balkans and Southeastern Europe.

It has also been announced by the media that more than 1000 publishers will be presenting books and other publications at the exhibition this year.

The publishers who will be present at the exhibition this year include: Russian publishers, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Serbs, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, China, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, the USA, Ukraine, Croatia, Montenegro, Switzerland and There will be a few more countries.

The 64th Belgrade Book Fair will be held from October 29 to November 6.



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