Meet with the deputy of the University of Maghreb and the conversation to hold new courses in Persian language

Meeting of Mehdi Shirazi, Cultural Advisor


At a meeting of Mehdi Shirazi, our country’s cultural adviser in Serbia with Dr Daggan Chalovic, Deputy Director of International Cooperation at the University of Maghreb, while emphasizing on the continuation of bilateral cooperation on the holding of the Persian language course at this university, the training programs for the start of the new courses are discussed and reviewed. it placed.

Shirazi, referring to the history of the university’s cooperation with Iran’s Cultural Advice in Belgrade, and the successful holding of several Farsi language courses, while announcing the importance of the new Farsi-language curriculum this year, calls for continued cooperation and efforts to improve quality. Training courses. Referring to the promotion of the political relations between the two countries and the abolition of the visa regime, which has led to more and more people in the two countries, and economic development and tourism, the student’s familiarity with the language and culture of Iran, he said, said: “Islamic Iran, backed by The culture and civilization of the millennia is a field of science and art and the literature of the Orient whose better understanding of each of these areas requires young and talented scholars. In this regard, learning Persian is an indispensable necessity. “He hoped for the tool. , Which provides Farsi language courses for students to familiarize students, students and people of Serbia with culture and so on Ice and civilization of Iran and their better understanding of Iran today.

Dr Dragan Chalovic, also a tool of pleasure from attending and visiting the cultural advisor of our country from the University of Maghreb, provided explanations about the university, and pointed to the holding of Persian language courses at the university: “Undoubtedly one of our honors in This university is a Persian language training course that has been held in recent years with the help of Iranian cultural advisers and has provided us with additional value and credibility since our students are also familiar with the culture and history of the country’s historical and ancient Iran. Learn Persian and learn more students to attend Werewolves visit our university. “Thanks to the cultural advocacy support for Persian language courses, Chalovic welcomed the proposal of our country’s cultural advisor to host cultural events such as night poetry, film screenings and scientific and cultural speeches. And it was stipulated that these issues should be communicated to students and interested parties through joint planning through the Center’s website at Maghreb University.

Dr. Saeed Safari, a lecturer in Persian language courses at the university, also presented a report on the holding of previous courses and proposed programs for the formation of courses in the new academic year and stated: “Our goal is to create courses The free education of cultural counseling at the University of Maghrend is an increase in the quality of classes and the presence of Farsi in the educational and cultural programs of this university to introduce both Iranian language and culture and attract a young and talented audience. Thanks to the university authorities, they offered suggestions for better courses, which are discussed Went away

At the end of the visit, a visit from the main building of the university took place, and our country’s adviser learned some of the classes and discussions with a number of professors and students in the course of the educational activities of the university. According to Dr. Chalovic, the University of Magadrand is the largest private university in the Republic of Serbia, with 12 colleges and five branches in the country, and more than four hundred and five hundred students study in three undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. degrees.

Farsi language courses at Maghrendeh University have been started in the past three years by signing a memorandum of cooperation between the cultural counseling and the university, and on this basis, all classes and courses previously held at the cultural counseling center are now in The University of Maghreur is formed. At the end of the year, the end-of-the-year certificate will be presented jointly by the Cultural Advisor (Saadi Foundation) and the University of Maghreb.

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