Iran and Serbia are collaborating on cinema


“The Serbian Film Center, with the suggestion of the Serbian Ministry of Culture, is trying to launch a joint project with Farabi Cinema Foundation to build a joint Iranian-Serbian product,” said Bojan Youtich in a speech on the visit, pointing to the success of the Serbian Week in Tehran and other Iranian cities.

The head of the Serbian Film Center added: “The center is an independent institution sponsored by the Serbian Ministry of Culture and its contribution to the production of documentary, cinematic and animated films, from idea to script and production.”

He stated: In Serbia, there are only three institutions that support filmmakers. The three institutes include the Serbian Film Center, the Yugoslav Kinautka Cinema Museum and the New Film Institute.

The Iranian Film Festival will be held in Serbia

Shirazi, the cultural advisor of our country, also mentioned in the weekly Iranian film festival in Serbia, which is held annually with the participation of the cinematic museum, and proposed the cooperation of the Serbian Film Center with the Farabi Cinema Foundation for the holding of the Iranian Film Festival in Serbia. .

He said, if such an agreement is made, more Iranian films will be available to the citizens of Serbia, and the restrictions on the selection of Iranian films will be less.


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