Background of cultural relations

History of Cultural Relations of Iran and Serbia


History of Cultural Relations of Iran and Serbia

The cultural relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the country of Serbia dates back to 1962 and the former Yugoslavia. In those days, the two countries began their cultural relations by signing a cultural agreement.

After the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the scientific and technological cultural exchange program was signed in Yazd in the year 1367, and since 1961 the first cultural advisor was sent to Yugoslavia.

Following the collapse of the republics of Yugoslavia and the name of the country, the Union of Serbia and Montenegro, between 2002 and 2004, a new cultural dialogue was signed between the two governments.

After the separation of Montenegro from Serbia, the cultural agreement between the two countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Serbia was renewed, and on the other hand, cultural relations with Montenegro continued to be remarkably successful.


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